There was a time when having a Nashville website design was the only digital marketing channel that you needed to be on. Oh, how the times have changed!  Now there are multiple digital marketing channels your small business should take advantage of like websites, social media, and email. And there are many different styles of content that you should be keeping up with from casual social media posts to professional email newsletters.

Each digital channel is different and draws a unique audience, and you want to be mindful of that. While you don’t want to be identical on each platform, you still need to have brand consistency. To break it down further, here are a few reasons why brand consistency is important across all digital marketing channels (and how you can achieve it).

To stand out from like-businesses

There are probably some really great businesses that you compete within your local area, and you need to stand out from these. You can do this with your Nashville website design, social media, and other digital platforms when they are consistently monitored and unified. When your brand has a well-rounded approach to marketing online, you’ll be able to showcase what makes you different from the competition.

Take the time to determine what your message is for your customers, and specifically target it to the different platforms. Make sure your logo, colors, and tone are similar from one marketing outlet to the next. Like we said, your brand doesn’t have to be identical on every channel, but it does need to be easily recognizable to customers.

To build trust and gain loyal customers

Your brand is one of the primary ways to build trust with customers and gain them as loyal patrons. Think about the different brands that you trust such as Hershey’s, Nike, Apple, Microsoft, and Ford. They have spent countless hours and marketing dollars to ensure they are recognized and trusted by their customers, and this keeps them coming back time and again.

To build trust, make sure that you’re present on all channels that you choose. For instance, if you focus on your Nashville web design and keep up with blogs, but haven’t touched your Facebook page in years, customer notice. If you aren’t going to be active on the channel, be sure you aren’t just signing up for the sake of a new trend that you won’t keep up with. All platforms with your brand on them should be consistently active. The better you are at this, the more prepared you’ll be for future growth.

To ensure your company message is clear

When your social media accounts differ from the message on your website and in newsletters, it only confuses customers. Even when you don’t intend for your message to be muddled, it can irritate potential customers because they feel as if they were brought to your business under false pretenses. Brand consistency clarifies what your business is about whether a customer found your Nashville web design when searching for a service or they follow you on Facebook. Clearly communicate your brand’s message, and you’ll get quality customers versus a quantity of visitors that don’t convert.