One of the most unexpected marketing moments of 2021 is when a Wendy’s in California transformed itself into a Rick and Morty’s themed restaurant.

No one expected to drive to work one day and pass “Morty’s” instead of Wendy’s. But that’s what good marketing does – it takes people by surprise.

As a digital marketing firm, we understand that you may not have time to keep up with all the digital advertising trends out there. That’s why we offer managed marketing services.

For examples of advertising trends we’re looking into this year, read below.

Get on TikTok

That’s it – you’re officially behind in your marketing strategy if you’re not currently on TikTok. The platform is set to surpass the metrics of any other growing social platform in the next few years and not just with generation Z either.

We’re seeing more and more later Millenials on the app, and even some older adults, like this famous TikTok grandma. That’s not just our opinion. According to research, about 58% of the app users belong to generations other than GenZ.

Busy parents are flocking to the app to get parenting tips and catch up on their favorite TikTok babies, like Scout and Violet or baby Franklin – or in an attempt to make their own children the next app-wide sensation.

The video format of Tiktok and the accessibility of TikTok trends is a huge asset to your marketing. Take some pointers from the Duolingo owl and sign your company up for an account.

Use Purpose or “Why” Based Campaigns

The website Businesswire found that over a third of adults with purchasing power are willing to pay more for sustainable products. With global warming effects looming, people are desperate to do something to help – even if it’s just looking for companies that use eco-friendly packaging.

But that’s not the only cause that’s close to consumers’ hearts. People (Millenials, especially) are willing to pay more if it means your employees or sources get higher wages/better treatment.

While it’s easy to market that your product uses sustainable packaging or that you compost/recycle/etc., advertising how you treat your employees can be trickier. A great way to do so would be to introduce your employees on your new company TikTok or join the trend of showing your employees packaging orders.

“Pack an order with me” is a whole category of TikTok with thousands of videos. Use it to your advantage!

Collaborate With Another Brand

Company collaborations are a great way to get new leads. You get the other company’s customers, benefit from their marketing budget, and make networking connections for your business.

2021 was a year full of genius collaborations, including the SUPREME x Tiffany and Company collab, with Beyonce and Jay Z at the front.

In fact, the more creative your collab is, the more attention it will get from social avenues. No one could have predicted the amount of success Balenciaga x Crocs had, which is why it worked so well. No one expected it.

Who will you work with?

Digital Advertising Trends We love in 2022

While we can’t take credit for the Balencia Crocs, for “Morty’s”, or any of the other examples in this article, we do have a stuffed portfolio full of creative digital advertising campaigns.

We’re lucky to serve clients from all industries and have some of the best content marketing staff in the business. We can help you integrate the trends above to optimize your business.

From total website design to SEO and social media marketing, we have what you need. Get started with us, here