Online paid advertising offers a 200% return on investment.

PPC can generate double the amount of traffic as organic listings. Paid ads can also increase brand awareness by 80%.

These statistics sound impressive but what is paid search marketing, exactly? And can PPC ads benefit your business?

Read on to learn about the benefits of PPC. Find out how the process works and how to hire the right SEM team to handle your campaigns.

Limitations of Organic Search Results

You can submit your site for free on Google Search.

It costs nothing and Google will eventually add you to its index. Pages appear in the latter organic search results over time.

Although organic SEO remains essential to your marketing success, it brings with it limitations:

  • Delay to appear on Google
  • Position on the search results
  • Position on the page
  • Listing content

These factors are outside of your control. However, you can bypass them through paid search marketing.

What Is Paid Search Marketing?

Paid search marketing is a digital marketing method where you pay to place ads on search engine results pages.

Traditional ads appeared as banners on the screen. Hosts would sell real estate based on total page impressions.

People ignored banners because they didn’t relate to their searches. Banners also appeared as spam.

Thankfully, pay-per-click marketing arrived and changed online marketing forever.

What Is PPC?

Pay-per-click offers a simple advertising model: businesses only pay when someone clicks on their ad.

Ads only appear when the user enters a specific keyword/query. And ads are mostly text-based which means no annoying animations.

Google Ads promotes the PPC model to enable millions of companies of all sizes to advertise online. But how exactly does the process work?

How Does Paid Search Marketing Work?

First, you need to create an account on Google Ads. Then you need to consider what advert you want to create.

Focus on your core products and services and start to build your keywords list.

Keywords are search terms people use on Google Search. You don’t want your ad to appear for plumbers in Nashville if you own a cleaning company in Dallas.

Thankfully, Google offers the Keyword Planner Tool. Research keyword usage and check bid estimates. It even offers suitable suggestions.

Cost Per Click and Competition

Once you create your advert consider the cost per click (CPC).

CPC rates are market-driven. In other words, costs relate to the competition of your chosen keyword. The higher the number of ads the greater the cost per click.

Google Ads shows you CPCs for each keyword. You can set a daily budget so you’ll never overspend and allocate funds in advance.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Once Google activates your ads they appear within 24-48 hours.

The ROI of paid search marketing far exceeds SEO in the short term. You can track results from the dashboard and adjust budgets on the fly.

You can also create new campaigns to match seasonal trends or special promotions. When you’re done, simply pause them.

The secret to paid search marketing is managing all of your campaigns. That’s where All My Web Needs can help.

Create an Effective PPC Campaign

What is paid search marketing and why should you invest in PPC?

As you’ve discovered, PPC ads offer huge advantages over organic SEO in the short term. Creating and managing your ad campaigns is the difficult part.

All My Web Needs offers effective PPC campaign management.

We research keywords and construct engaging messages. We also build optimized landing pages with a structured sales funnel.

Reach out to us to see how PPC can benefit your business.