If you’ve had a Nashville website design for years, then you know it’s good practice to evaluate and update SEO techniques from time to time. Just like website designs have evolved, so have search engines and their methods of measuring the value of a website and where it should be ranked. In 2018, there are going to be a lot of trends that you’ll want to pay close attention and few tweaks that you can start applying this month. Here we look at five essential aspects of SEO that you need to know this year.

#1: How long someone dwells on your pages is important to ranking

While keywords still have a place when it comes to content creation and getting ranked, the emphasis should be placed on keeping people engaged and on the page. Google’s algorithms are going to be more concerned with how long visitors dwell on a page rather than what keywords have brought them there. If your bounce rate is high and people are only spending a few seconds on the content, look at the information you’re offering. Make sure it answers a question, and it entices people to stay on the page for minutes rather than seconds.

#2: There is a lot more to compete with than last year

Your Nashville website design has really got to stand out because Google has changed what people see when they search for information. There are ads, images, and even answer boxes, so the viewer doesn’t have to leave the front page of Google to get their information. These distractions can quickly cause visitors to take their eyes off of your site. Make sure your headlines and tags grab attention while also being straightforward, so people get the information they are looking for when visiting.

#3: Videos and podcasts are in

Videos are taking over, and podcasts aren’t slowing down in popularity, so make sure to incorporate these into your content strategically. You can then be found on YouTube and other video-focused search engines, and peak the interest of customers that may not have stuck around otherwise.

#4: Mobile responsive web designs aren’t an option

If your goal is to improve your SEO in 2018, then a mobile responsive web design in Nashville isn’t an option. Google is moving towards a “mobile-first index,” and that should be taken seriously by website owners that want to see a positive shift in rankings.

#5: Continue keeping up with quality content, links, and web design

There are some aspects of SEO that haven’t changed like quality content, links, and an easy to navigate Nashville web design. Make sure you keep up with these aspects of SEO, and you continue to update them to ensure they are effective in the current year. And of course, you can always bring in the website design experts to get your business site ready for the New Year, so you are always a step ahead of the competition.