For businesses, social media is a marketing tool that can be tricky to get results from. In some ways, it’s a wonderful companion to your Nashville web design because millions of people are on social media platforms and you can gain invaluable exposure to groups you may not have been able to reach in the past. In other ways, it can be a stress in business because it is time-consuming and difficult to stand out with all of the noise on feeds. Regardless of how you feel about it, it’s not going away. One aspect of social media that you should focus on is using it to drive visitors to your website, and here we look at 5 ways you can make this happen.

Use your social media ranking to your advantage

If your social accounts rank higher than your business website design in Nashville (and many do), then you have an opportunity to use that to your advantage. There are a few ways to use your social media ranking to drive traffic to your website. For starters, make sure you are properly linking back to the site in posts as well as in your profile. Also, make sure your profile is current and has all of the necessary information for people to reach you. Stay active on your account through posts and engaging with customers, and never let it grow stale because proof of life is vital in our digital age.

Share your best content

It can feel like the cycle of sharing content is never-ending, and this may cause you to just put something out there regardless of its value. However, if you want to drive people back to your website design, make sure that you are only sharing your best content with a link back to your page. And encourage people to join in the conversation whether it’s in the comments on the site or the social media feed. Google does take comments and the amount of time people spend on the page into account, and this helps with rankings.

Get an influencer to share your content

Do a little research about influencers in your area and tailor a piece of content that would entice them to share. You can politely reach out and introduce yourself and your business. In many cases, it’s better to build a rapport with them before asking them to share content. And don’t forget to reciprocate such as commenting on their posts and following them on social media.

Go above and beyond to engage

Even if you respond when someone comments on your post, you should take it to the next level if you want to drive traffic to your website design in Nashville. Don’t just share your marketing content and try to get a sale with every post, or ask people to share and mention you in their posts. You should reciprocate the mentions and leave comments on their feed whether you remark what a good read an article they shared is or your comment about how cute their new puppy is.