Choosing a social media strategy that meets your needs in 2014

There is no cookie cutter answer for choosing a social media strategy. However, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each social media platform allows us to leverage efforts across platforms to create a solid social media presence.

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, building a foundation beyond your blog and website.

When creating a social media presence many think of Facebook as the place to start. A Facebook page provides the opportunity to develop a business timeline that establishes credibility and trust. However, due to Facebook’s limited organic reach, this platform is leveraged best by entities with regular face-to-face interactions to increase engagement potential (e.g., service providers, local businesses, and charismatic professionals).

Google+ is an absolute necessity for establishing Google Authorship credibility and strengthening SEO efforts. Google+ serves as a social media platform that allows a brand to communicate equally with businesses and individuals. More importantly, Google+ circles allow for filtered distribution of content to select audiences which better reflects the dynamics of business communication for brands that maintain B2B and B2C channels. This allows brands to focus on the quality of their content and strengthen their digital presence across the board.

The effectiveness of Twitter is perhaps the most varied of all social media channels. It’s a strong ally for networking outside of your immediate circle and good opportunity to garner exposure of both written and visual content. The strength of this platform is its global nature and efficient use of written word. Headline material works well here.

Further brand building and promoting professional exposure via and LinkedIn.

In addition to Google+, creating a well crafted page allows you to tie together all of your social media efforts and work experience into a single digital persona. This digital persona should be the more casual version of your LinkedIn profile. A well crafted LinkedIn profile opens the door for B2B communication, both inbound and outreach. Like Facebook the opportunity for outreach is paid rather than organic.

What do you know about Pinterest?

Pinterest is a strong platform for visual content, humor, and creative professionalism. Enabling the content of your website to be pinned is the first step to leveraging this platform. Pins should be optimized to include links to buy and other highly detailed information. Protecting your visual content is also important. Images should be embedded with copyright and branding details. Creating Pinterest boards allows for even greater potential for leveraging your brand exposure. Corporate boards need to be expanded beyond self-interest and should pin a variety of content from a variety of sources. This delicate balance conveys your willingness as well as ability to meet the needs of your target audience and should not be taken lightly.

Of course these are only a few of the players when it comes to social media. Depending on your goals and audience expectations AllMyWebNeeds carefully considers all the options suited for getting the most out of the content you deliver.

Developing your social media strategy with help from AllMyWebNeeds

The first phase of developing your social media presence focuses on creating and populating social media channels. Based on the information you provide an AllMyWebNeeds media specialist crafts a business persona that conveys a cohesive voice across multiple social media channels then executes your chosen social media strategy. While your media specialist is responsible for creating posts suited for engaging your target audience, he/she cannot do this without your cooperation, please be prepared to communicate relevant information and provide product images as needed to perform the tasks at hand.

Choosing responsible social media management from AllMyWebNeeds includes:

  • Executing your chosen social media strategy.
  • Posting to multiple channels to create a cohesive brand presence.
  • Optimizing posts for each media platform.
  • Monitoring social media accounts for engagement opportunities and brand management issues.

Need to know more about DIY’ing your social media? Contact AllMyWebNeeds today to book a strategy session with our pros.