Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of online marketing, but let’s not forget that the key is to go beyond search engine optimization to get the conversion.

Optimizing Online Conversions

All of the search engine optimization in the world is not going to sell your product or service. It can’t make your product or service more interesting, and it can’t make your prices worth paying. You can attack both SEO and conversion optimization by doing the following:

  • Develop the consumer’s “need” to buy rather than their “want” to buy
  • Add posts and links in forums with relevant content
  • Incorporate social media posts and updates
  • Have clear and effective calls to action on your website

Present your product or service as a masterpiece

Need is a powerful emotion, and it can be difficult to trigger. You are not responsible for inserting this emotion into your potential customers, but what you do need is the potential of need, or the “I want” syndrome. Does the user flipping through your pages really need what they are looking at in most cases? No, but they want it. You should incorporate the features, benefits, and values of what you have to sell into the descriptions of your product or service. It is also important to display pictures in an attractive format that catches the consumer’s eye, and have clear calls to action that lead to an easy check out experience.

Get interactive

When you post in forums with related content or post on social networks, you are encouraging conversation about your brand. You can also include links to your website, which with both drive traffic to the site and also create back links on other websites to yours that will help increase your relevance to search engines that find those links.

Make your content valuable

It’s frustrating on both sides for the buyer and the business to see all that traffic disappear into the wind. Creating quality content is valued by the consumer. Creating calls to action that really mean something brings sales, whereas SEO brings traffic so the sales are possible.

You don’t have to be one of the businesses suffering from not enough sales and too much traffic. Adjust your focus to included valuable content that customers will want (or “need”) to buy.

Have any tips of your own?

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