If you want to attract new users to your business, a mobile app can do the job, but only if it’s designed well.

Users spend around five hours every day glued to their smartphone or tablet. They’re not going to waste their time with a poorly made app.

Designing good mobile apps isn’t easy, however. You need it to work well if you want users to keep using it, whether it’s a mobile app or a hybrid web app.

That’s where intuitive design comes in to play. If you’re not sure whether your app is designed well, here are some features you’ll need.

Navigation Is Simple

Mobile experiences start and end with navigation. You press buttons to open an app, navigate around, and then to exit it. That’s why, if you’re expecting your app to succeed, navigation should be simple for your users.

Test your web app out. The definition of intuitive is for the design to be so simple, you don’t even need to think. If you have to pause to figure out how to navigate from A to B, then your design is failing.

Keep buttons big enough for users to press, group obvious elements together (like a menu for navigation), and make sure you limit the number of steps users have to take to complete any action.

Follows Established Design Specs

Using a design specification like Google Material Design to help make your design choices simple to use.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, a spec like this can help give your app expected design features, like certain colors and UI choices, that’ll make it fit in better on your chosen app platform.

Web apps can use the same principles, too. Material Design and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines both offer support for apps that are designed using web tools, to help you lower design costs.

Works for All Device Types

You could spend thousands on your mobile app or a hybrid web app, only for it to falter when it hits bigger-screened phones and tablets.

Can your app scale up (and down) well? Do all of the features load correctly in the layout, as a user might expect?

Fuzzy images and a poorly resized layout—they’re one-way tickets for your app to be uninstalled. If your design can’t scale to different devices properly, your app won’t be as useful, and that’ll reduce the number of users using it.

You’ll want a scalable approach for your website, too. Here are five design features you’ll want to give a miss on your website (and your app, for that matter).

Intuitive Design Is All About Usability

Nearly 25% of all users will abandon an app after one use. Unless you want your app to suffer the same fate, you need to embrace the best elements of intuitive design in your app.

Usability is the key to success. Limit the choices users need to make and make navigation as simple as possible. Once your users get confused, they won’t stick around.

If you’re worried about your web app design, then speak to us. Our development and marketing services could help you turn things around.