There’s one pill that many business owners, even designers, have had to swallow: networking is necessary for career success.

Sure, it can be tedious, time-consuming, and even ineffective at times. In fact, studies reveal that 95% of people who attend networking events spend their time with those they already know. 

But, if you put genuine effort into networking, like engaging more when you attend design conferences, you’ll find your career grows as a result. You’ll cultivate business relationships, have improved access to information and support, and expand your resources.

That might even result in salary growth, innovation, and more idea generation.

Now that you’re feeling motivated, keep reading for 2021’s best conferences for web designers

1. An Event Apart Spring Summit

This summit’s tagline is “Online Together,” something you can expect to see more often as we continue to use videoconferencing to communicate.

This three-day conference, hosted entirely online, covers all things web design—UX, coding, digital design, and so much more. Choose from fifteen different sessions that highlight what’s happening now and what’s to come in the design industry. If you’ve got questions, save them for a Q&A with your speakers and enjoy in-depth responses. 

Attend online from April 19 to 21.


Are you upset that you missed UXDX’s March session?

If so, you’re in luck—they’re hosting another conference near the end of the year!

Design is a broad niche that requires collaboration from various teams—development, design, UX, product, and more. This conference attempts to bring those separate teams together to work as one. The more harmonious your staff feels, the better equipped they’ll be to succeed.

Attend online from October 6 to 8.

3. The International Javascript Conference

With Javascript in the title, you can guarantee this design conference will deliver.

The Javascript Conference is happening this year in Munich—or online, for those not prepared for international travel. Most conferences are hybridized, and this one is no exception.

The conference obviously focuses on teaching Javascript through its sessions and workshops, but there’s something for all web designers. Perhaps you’d like to learn more about progressive web apps or single-page applications. If so, you’ll find that this conference covers all the bases. 

Attend online from October 25 to 29.

4. 5-To-9 Conference

Finally, the 5-To-9 Conference helps entrepreneurs and small business owners hone their skills and turn a side hustle into much more than.

If you’re still learning your craft, wondering how to improve, or want insight into streamlining your operations, you’ll find incredible insight from this event. Enjoy three days of information about designing with no code tools, finding collaborators in your field, growing your brand, and so much more.

Attend online from August 25 to 27.

Will You Attend These Design Conferences and Grow Your Business?

Whether you’re a small, mid-sized, or large business, you’ll find great benefit from participating in networking events—even virtual ones. 

Networking is a way to continue your education, meet those in your industry, and perhaps even pave the way to more career success. There’s nothing to lose by attending one, or all, of these design conferences!

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