Are you wondering what the difference is between a web designer vs. a web developer? In this brief guide, we will give you a look into what these different job roles entail so that you can find out which one would most benefit your buisness.

While both of these job roles focus on website creation, they are involved in different areas. Figure out which professional you need to hire to take your website to the next level with this guide.

Web Designer vs. Web Developer: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the duties of these two roles will help you understand which one you need to help with your website.

While website developers focus on coding to create websites, designers focus more heavily on the visual creation of your website to maximize user experience.

Both of these professionals are essential in making great websites, although they focus on different areas of website creation with different skill sets. Neither of these professionals is necessarily “better”, but one may be better for your unique goals and needs.

Signs You Need a Web Developer

If you’re looking for someone to build you a brand new website, a web developer is likely just what you need. A website developer will help you with the backend creation of your website. They will create the core structure of your website.

Developers use complex software languages in the backend that lead to website creation. This is a key bonus of hiring a web developer, who can help you avoid taking technical web developer courses. They will also work to test and fix bugs to make sure you have a functional website.

Signs You Need a Web Designer

If you already have a functioning website, but you want to increase its visual appeal, a web designer can help.

A website designer will work to make sure the style of your page is attractive to site visitors. They will also work towards creating a seamless experience for website visitors. They work to make sure that when someone lands on your website, they stay there rather than heading to a more appealing site.

By making sure that your website visitors enjoy using your site instead of feeling lost or frustrated, you can increase your chances of them taking the action you desire. Allowing your website visitors to find what they need with ease, convenience, and speed increases the likelihood of them making a purchase, returning to your site, or recommending it to others. The look and feel of your website will reflect your brand, so it’s important that website visitors have a good experience.

A great web designer will work with you to make sure your company’s vision, mission, and purpose are all translated online, allowing for brand recognition.

Hire the Web Expert You Need

If you’ve been wondering what the difference is between a web developer and a web designer, now you know! Knowing more about these job roles will help you figure out which one you need, yet in some cases, you may need both. Make sure your website is as professional and user friendly as possible by hiring web experts you can trust.

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