What are SERPs and how do they affect your business?

Google search results attract millions of visitors daily. The number one listing has an average click-through rate of 34%. Yet, search pages include more than organic listings to promote your online presence.

This article asks what are SERPs, how do they work, and how to get on the first page of Google?

Discover the different types of SERPs including featured snippets and PPC. Learn how to choose keywords to improve SEO.

Read on to see how the search engine results pages affect your online traffic and how to convert visitors into customers.

What Are SERPs?

SERP stands for search engine results page. This type of page displays on your browser when you submit a query on the likes of Google or Bing.

A typical SERP contains more than just organic or non-paid results. Google Search pages also include:

  • Paid advertisements
  • Featured snippets
  • People also ask
  • Packs like Image Pack

Results differ depending on the query/keyword used and the device, like a mobile phone. Google also uses context including the user’s location to produce special SERPs that show maps and business profiles.

More Than Just Becoming Number One

The goal of every business with an online presence is to reach ‘number 1’ in Google Search. Yet, the SERPs clearly show that there are many parts of the page that you need to reach.

Before we look at how to improve your search ranking let’s examine the different types of SERPs in more detail.

Types of SERPs on Google Search

As Google is the dominant search engine by a large margin, you should focus your attention on its SERPs.

A typical results page gets divided into four parts detailed below.

Paid Adverts

Pay-per-click or PPC ads appear at the top of the page and relate to the current keyword/query.

Advertisers don’t pay for their adverts to appear, only when a user clicks on the link. Costs vary (cost per click) and depend on the popularity of the keyword and selected location.

Featured Snippets and People Also Ask

Google wants to answer your questions directly from the results page.

Featured snippets do this by promoting answers and helpful content. Tied with snippets are related search suggestions called ‘People Also Ask’.

Both receive the most real estate so demand the most attention.

Organic Search Results

These are the traditional search results that Google does not charge for.

You can submit your site for free and track results through the Google Search Console. Google Analytics also informs you of the keywords your visitors used.

How to Get on the First Page of Google

Appearing in featured snippets, related questions, and free listings starts with keyword research.

How to choose keywords that work requires a long-term SEO strategy. You need to know what your customers search for and then target those terms without spam.

Tie that with PPC and social media and you have the major marketing bases covered.

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Now that you know the answer to what are SERPs, you must aim to rank as high as possible for each part. You need an online marketing strategy that combines them together to achieve the best results.

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