An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certification is an essential part of your business web design in Nashville, and if you don’t have one, now is the time to get one. SSL is the security technology that ensures that information passing between the browsers and servers is private, integral, and secure. The link is encrypted and is established to connect the web servers and browsers, and without it, your small business website can’t get a secure connection.

The SSL certification has information such as the name of the holder, the certificate holder’s public key, expiration date, serial number, and digital signature. Whether you implement this yourself or you bring in an expert Nashville website design company, make sure you put getting an SSL certificate for your small business site at the top of your list. Here are a few benefits that you’ll get to take advantage of.

Your website won’t be flagged as “Not Secure”

This year, Google is going to flag website designs in Nashville and across the U.S. as “Not Secure” to visitors if you don’t have an SSL certification. Visitors will get a notification that they shouldn’t provide any sensitive information on your site such as credit card information or passwords because cyber criminals may steal this data.

With the SSL certification, when sensitive information is traveling through different computers and networks, it will be unreadable until it reaches the person you’re sending it to. SSL also deters hackers from targeting weak spots in your network when transmitting data.

You’ll build trust with customers

When your website has a “Not Secure” notification, it can cause people to leave and never come back. If you want to build trust with customers, make sure you have your SSL certification in place. It shows that you take the security and privacy of your customers seriously. More people now than ever are focusing on keeping their personal data safe and they are more hesitant to provide sensitive information online without seeing that they are protected.

You’ll provide a secure online atmosphere

Your Nashville website design needs to be secure to ensure your online atmosphere is inviting for customers. But beyond protecting customers, you also want to ensure your information is protected such as the admin password and login to your website. When you provide employees, customers, and admin members with a secure website design, you’ll be able to focus on more important jobs rather than cleaning up a mess because someone hacked sensitive data.

You have experts to help secure your SSL certification

If you aren’t sure what you should do next or how to get an SSL certification for your Nashville web design, you can reach out to the experts. We’ll help you get on track, so your small business website doesn’t get flagged by Google as “Not Secure.” The sooner you get this checked off your list, the more secure your website will become. With people using the internet to search and purchase everything from groceries and jewelry to schedule services like dental appointments, you need to make sure you have a private and secure place for them to visit you online.