The New Year gives businesses a fresh start and a chance to revitalize a few aspects that may have been missed opportunities last year. And there may be a few things on your resolution list this year. If enhancing your Nashville web design is on that list, you can easily get the job done at an affordable price, and it’s not too time-consuming. Here are five quick and simple ways to enhance your web design and expand your online reach in the New Year.

Update your CTA and content

It only takes a few moments to sit down and go through the content and Call-to-Actions on your website. Pay attention to make sure everything is accurate, and the words represent the tone of your company. Take out the information that isn’t relevant anymore and expand the content to reflect current services. Also, if the content on your web design in Nashville doesn’t sound like your company this year, it could be time for a rewrite. Maybe when you were a startup, you were a little more casual in your word choices, however, now you target a more sophisticated clientele.

Check all pages and links to make sure their working

It’s surprising how many reputable companies have a page or two that takes customers to an error code. If you aren’t sure how to correct errors on your website, involve professionals. Trust that you can get these fixed at an affordable cost and you won’t have to sign contracts or buy packages you don’t need.

Look at your website design from all devices

Grab your smartphone, tablets, and computers and navigate around your business site. Make sure that it’s just as easy to get around your pages on smaller screens as it is the desktop. If you notice that your Nashville web design is difficult to see on mobile devices, it may not be responsive. You can switch to a web design that is responsive on all devices, or have one created specifically for mobile devices.

Spend time researching competitors

Find out what your top competitors are doing these days, as well as what they aren’t doing. Fill in any gaps that you notice aren’t being addressed by you or the competition, and make notes on what could be expanded on.

For example, if you’re a salon, maybe you notice you and the competition lists recommended products and brands for hair care. But, neither of you explains why they are recommended. By featuring one product a week on your blog, you can link to the hair care products that you recommend and give customers an excellent resource to help them learn more about it.

Don’t turn off current customers with a complex design

While you are enhancing your Nashville web design, make sure you don’t make so many changes that current customers feel like they are on a foreign site. Keep the design of your website simple is the best rule of thumb when you want to keep customers happy and visiting time and again.