How we helped

A Moving Company

Turn an $8.5k investment into an extra $110k in sales.


ROI ($)
ROI (%)


This moving company contacted us to improve their online presence and get leads from search engines. We ran a full custom Google Ad campaign for them that generated 198 leads in 90 days. These leads were very highly qualified through our targeting, so an average of just over 52% of these leads purchased services generating $110,828 in revenue.

The total cost of their campaign was $8,529 resulting in a $102,299 (1,199%) return on their investment.

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The Results

In the 3 month period of this case study, our Google Ad campaign generated 198 leads and the boost in sales was pretty much immediate.

Our client uses CRM software to keep track of where their sales are coming from, so these numbers are pulled only from leads and sales specifically generated by our search engine marketing efforts.

Stats Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Monthly Cost $1,879 $3,110 $3,540
Revenue Generated $28,938 $37,825 $44,065
Leads 43 79 76
% of Deals Closed 51.1% 49.3% 57.8%
ROI ($) $27,059 $34,715 $40,525
ROI (%) 1,440% 1,116% 1,144%
Additional Sales
3-Month Campaign Cost
Return On Investment