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A Biker Rally

Turn a $37k investment into an extra $273k in sales.


ROI ($)
ROI (%)


Looking at this graph, can you guess when we came into the picture? If you guessed month 4 you’d be right.

They was spending about $12,000/month on Facebook advertising and grossing about $64,000/month with that investment. When we took over we were able to over double the sales averaging $155,024/month while keeping their campaign cost close to what they were already spending. By maintaining cost and increasing sales through campaign optimization we were able to get them a 639% return on their investment.

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The Results

In the 3 month period of this case study, our Facebook ads were seen 5,675,941 times. The increase in sales was pretty much immediate.

Before our campaign, our client had been averaging $63,753/month, so we used that as a baseline for this case study. The “additional sales” and “% increase” numbers below account for sales after the initial $63,753 each month.

Stats Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Monthly Facebook Investment $12,724 $12,024 $12,324
Total Sales $152,193 $155,257 $157,622
$ Increase From $63,753 $88,440 $91,504 $93,869
% Increase From $63,753 58.11% 58.94% 59.55%
ROI ($) $75,716 $79,480 $81,545
ROI (%) 595% 661% 662%
Additional Sales
3-Month Campaign Cost
Return On Investment