Anyone can create an Google Ads campaign, but creating one that will deliver results requires a great deal of research and analysis. We structure campaigns that drive the right customers to you.

SEO Discovery Is Key


Don’t hire just anyone to run your Google Ads campaigns, make sure you hire someone that will drive results. Someone like All My Web Needs. We take the time to do the research and collect that data that your business needs to see results. We evaluate your goals and mold them into an effective campaign.

  • Industry Driven Keywords. We research the keywords thriving in your industry and only use the ones that are driving results. We know your time and money is valuable, so we won’t waste your budget by using outdated keywords that won’t drive your campaign.

  • Constructing an Engaging Message. You can make all the right moves when it comes to SEO and a great call to action but if your ad doesn’t contain an enticing message to the audience, then your business won’t see any rate of success. We know just how to encourage consumers to seal the deal.

  • Landing Page Creativity. Our job isn’t done once we get someone to see and click on your ad. The next battle is getting that to convert into sales. Our creative landing pages will appeal to your audience, keep them focused, and bring them to take action. We don’t stop until we win the war.

Pay per click marketing diagram
On-going PPC marketing diagram


We don’t just settle at the initial success. Our marketing team wants to see each and every one of our campaigns reach its full potential. We won’t stop, because we don’t know when enough is enough. The only thing in our mind is what we can do next to improve.

  • Constant Monitoring. A lot of times, the other guys will release your ad and move on. Not us. We track your ad and its progress, ensuring that we are reaching each ad’s full potential. We experiment with multiple ads to ensure that your campaign is performing at its highest level.

  • Driven by Trends. We make revisions based on what users are actually clicking on and what is actually converting for your business. We study these consumer habits and make the necessary changes based on them.

  • Keyword Performance. We aren’t going to throw your money down the drain by using outdated keywords. We study your industry, seek out the keywords that are performing, and craft our ad to run utilizing only the top performers.

Celebrity red carpet walk

How a professionally managed Google Ads campaign immediately and exponentially increased business

Campaign Site Traffic
New Users
New Leads

A celebrity booking agency previously did all marketing by reaching out personally via cold email.

After designing and building a full custom website matching the brand’s image All My Web Needs ran a hyper-targeted Google Ads campaign. Over the course of a year the campaign generated over 7,000 new visitors to the website with over 200 of those visitors converting into new leads for the agency including several inquiries about celebrity product sponsorship bookings, the most profitable of all services offered by the firm.