Like many of you I also came across a daunting problem that didn’t seem to have a solution. It all started when WooCommerce was purchased by Automatic and started requiring accounts rather than the old accounts. Somehow during the sign in process I managed to connect the wrong and accounts. I guess this isn’t an issue for most people because they’d only have one account on each site. In my case it’s a major problem because I have my own account and also help manage several other accounts for my clients. I’m guessing you’re probably in the same boat and if that’s the case I have some good news for you – I figured out how to fix it!

The Solution:

  1. Login to your incorrectly associated WordPress / WooCommerce account.
  2. On the My Account page click “Change connected account”.
  3. Follow the steps to disconnect the account (some of you may have gotten this far already).
  4. Now that you’ve successfully disconnected the accounts you MUST connect the account to a different account. If you don’t have another account then you need to make one temporarily just for this purpose.
  5. After you’ve connected that account to a different login, log out of both and
  6. Visit and login with the correct credentials. You’ll be asked if you have an existing account – select Yes and continue connecting the appropriate account.

That’s it! Hope this is helpful for someone!