All My Web Needs is releasing a free plugin that will be available in the repository (hopefully soon). This plugin is called the “Logo Scheduler” and it allows a website owner to upload and schedule unique images to replace their logo during the scheduled time frames. For example, if you want your logo to change on your website for Thanksgiving you can design a special Thanksgiving logo and use this plugin to automatically schedule that logo to appear on your website on Thanksgiving each year.

The applications are wider than just holidays. For example, if you have an upcoming sale that you want to highlight on your website in a prominent place, you might make an alternate version of your logo with the dates and percentage off; then use this plugin to display that version of the logo on dates leading up to the sale.

If you have any trouble with the plugin and our FAQ’s on the plugin page are not helpful, please feel free to send us a message on the plugin support page. We want to make sure the plugin is working for everyone as best we can.