Is your website nice to look at? Well, that’s a good start. But there’s a lot more you should be aware of about web design if you’re using the site to generate leads.

Pretty graphics and photos are a nice touch, but your site needs to be catered to your target audience and be easy to navigate. Otherwise, you may be inadvertently pushing away more potential customers than you’re attracting. 

Keep reading to learn more about how website design can impact your leads, and ultimately your sales.

1. Invite Visitors to Subscribe

If a person lands on your website but isn’t yet ready to make a purchase, you can still keep them on board. How? Invite them to subscribe to your email list on the homepage or contact page of your website. 

This process should be easy and obvious on your webpage. The invitation to subscribe to an email list can be a simple button, and not buried in the middle of the text.

Don’t hit them too much with emails once they’ve signed up. Provide useful product updates or promotions, but don’t overcommunicate or they might opt-out. 

2. Offer a Free Trial

If you’re offering a service (or even a product), you can generate interest by inviting site visitors to try it for free.

This can be a win-win as they get to “test drive” your offerings, and you get to find out what they thought about it. Make sure you follow up with these potential customers for their feedback at the end of the trial period. 

3. Make a Call to Action 

One of the most overlooked things you can do for your web copy is to include a call to action (CTA). A call to action is not vague – it asks a potential customer to take any action, like contacting you for more product information.

An effective CTA will take the visitor to a landing page, where they can sign up for more information and get more valuable content. 

4. Include a Blog Page

Writing blog posts regularly is a great way to create leads. Not only will blog posts help you become an authority in a given industry, but they can also provide valuable information to potential customers. 

You can also highlight text in your blog post that will take the reader to a product landing page or a special offer. Don’t be afraid to put a CTA right in the blog post. 

An optimized blog can also help improve your SEO, meaning you may rank higher in search results for a particular product or service. 

5. Include Social Media Snippets

When designing a website, consider adding a section that shows the latest activity from your Facebook page, for example. 

This is a way to let website visitors know you have a social media account, and also to provide the very latest updates to potential customers. Don’t forget about the power of social media marketing, either. 

Harness Web Design for Lead Generation

With the right elements and copy on your website, including a blog, you may see your web traffic start to rise. 

But more importantly, you may see a higher percentage of visitors turning into customers! To learn more about how to get a web design that works, contact us today.