A bit more than half of all users browse the web on their mobile device. This, of course, means it’s essential to build a mobile-friendly website. Connecting with an audience is more than just making a site approachable, though.

Is exploring web design ideas a worthy investment, then? Absolutely. While trending layouts can change over time, it’s also important to consider the other effects that website design can have on users. The right style can invoke a feeling of trust and dependability. The challenge boils down to how you can keep a site up-to-date without changing how visitors perceive your page.

It’s easier said than done, of course. A somewhat obvious recommendation is to build new layouts on the back end without applying them to the public version right away. Test groups can help with this approach. But, if you’re curious about some of the top web design ideas for 2022, you’ll want to keep reading.

Web Design Ideas: Getting Started

Before trying out new styles for your site, consider localization in every sense of the word. Results will often depend more on the target audience’s culture, region, and history. Japanese users, for example, prefer tons of information upfront. Whereas most Western countries want a less cluttered page with links to information.

Also, remember that it’s always a smart idea to consult with a web design company before implementing changes.


Minimalistic design is yet again climbing in popularity. You’ll see it on websites from companies like Apple. They tend to add a few simple shapes with many blank spaces throughout. It’s hard to go wrong with a simple approach.

Popping Colors

Some brands might opt for more vibrant tones that demand attention from users. Bright and contrasting colors are a great way to stimulate viewers. It often invokes a feeling of fun and enjoyment. You’d be hard-pressed to find a design agency that doesn’t consider popping colors a great option right now.

Warm and Friendly

Imagine a log cabin in the woods, fireplace ablaze, with snow falling all around it. This is the feeling you’re aiming for when it comes to a warm and friendly web design. You want to contrast the fast-paced world with a site that feels comfortable. Softer tones are the way to go here.

Information First

Do you provide tons of value to your viewers, even before conversion? Then you want to fill your landing page with tons of information. Try to create dividers so it’s easy to tell where one piece ends and the other begins. A white background, with a header with a black background is enough here. 

Clean and Inviting

A clean and inviting website is all about mixing a decent amount of information with plenty of imagery. You might opt for a column build with a half and half split. Don’t worry too much about color choices. Instead, prioritize image quality and use the list format for text as much as possible.

Follow Your Audience

Trying out new web design ideas is all about following your target market. Gauging their reactions is essential. To a degree, they’ll be your best web design agency, guiding you with their actions over time. If something works, you’ll see it in the numbers. While all five of the ideas in this article can work wonders, you need to compare it with your product or service to really see if it works.

Contact us if you’re struggling a bit to find what works, and we’ll guide you from start to finish. We make web design look easy!