When the internet first became popular, websites were just that. They were just another channel in which consumers could find your business. In today’s market, a company’s website plays a much more critical role for that company’s success. This means that businesses are more dependent on the design of their website and the teams that build these sites. Before your company hires a web design company to construct your next website, you should be aware of the common misconceptions that many businesses have when regarding this line of work. 

  1. It is Easy and Anyone Can Do It

This is arguably the biggest lie that can be spoken about web design. Web design is extremely complex, and the designers who create these websites must be thoroughly before finally launching their finished products. There are plenty of websites out there that look simple and basic but a majority of them were not completed without a ton of hard work by the designers that created them. A website must meet the overall goal of the company that has hired the web design company which can mean multiple rounds of edits before a product can be entirely finished and even then, the project is never truly finished. 

2. Designers Work for the Client

When your company hires another business for a service, you expect them to listen to your wants and needs. When it comes to web design, this is partially true but not entirely how it goes. A web designer creates websites for a living, meaning that they know exactly how important layout and color patterns work to help benefit your website once it is finished. You are not just hiring a professional designer to simply do what you tell them to do. You are hiring them for their expertise as well. This isn’t to say you won’t want certain things on your website or shouldn’t give constructive feedback to your designer on what you might want to see differently, but you should be prepared for your designer to explain why certain things are the way they are on your new site. 

3. Designer/Agencies Should Respond Immediately

With any quality piece of work, a new website takes time. Designers will want to make sure that they cover everything the client wants, and clients will want to keep in touch with designers to ensure things are moving smoothly. Web design companies, more often than not, are working on various projects at the same time meaning that they will have other things they will need to tent to during a day. For a company to expect their designers to respond immediately is simply unrealistic. If a designer does not get back to you immediately, it is because they are working either on a big project ro even your new website. Be patient. Your designer will get back to you in a respectable amount of time. Let them continue working hard so that your project can be completed in a respectable amount of time.