Ever judged a book by its cover?

It’s human nature to make instant judgments on the things we see, whether that’s a book cover, a meal at a restaurant, or your website. We base a whole lot on initial impressions, which is why web design is so important.

If you think your site isn’t ‘on brand’ and doesn’t catch the attention of your audience, it’s time for a redesign. This time, make sure you know exactly what you’re doing.

For inspiration, here are the top unique web design trends for 2020.

Go Big or Go Home

Want to stand out this year? Opt for a large, bold font in block letters for your headlines and logos. This a visually appealing technique that instantly focuses the eye, making sure your site packs a punch as soon as a user lands on it. 

But, don’t overuse it. Keep large lettering to a minimum on your site and combine it with simple backgrounds. 

Everything’s Asymmetrical

Asymmetry is definitely in right now, and for good reason. It’s a must for unique web design in 2020 and makes a layout more visually interesting. This is especially true for sites that are largely picture-based, such as e-commerce sites or news sites. 

Arrange your images into an asymmetrical grid using different shaped boxes to get rid of the conventional straight-lined template. But this is about balance. Asymmetry has to be carefully designed so that it still looks visually appealing and isn’t messy.

Play With Your Cursor

Who said a cursor had to be boring? If you’re wondering how to design a unique website, creating your own cursor is a great place to start. From trailing a fading path of color as you move to the cursor itself, it makes for an engaging interface that users will love to play around with.

For inspiration, take a look at Paolo Forasier which uses an oversized cursor where the images replace the regular arrow. 

Dynamic Scrolling

When it comes to 2020’s unique web design trends, you can play around a whole lot with dynamic scrolling. This is when the web page transforms as you scroll down, like on Crypton’s website. It’s an engaging way to display your site that encourages your users to keep scrolling and explore.

You can also incorporate video – another 2020 trend – into your dynamic scroll for bonus points.

Color Trends for 2020

Every year sees a new web design color trend that users are going to love. This year, WGSN trend forecasting predicts it to be mint. 

The gradient trend that’s already been around for a while is evolving too. The gradient is being further explored, becoming more blurred and unfocused. Because of the range of colors used in gradients, they’re great if your business has a wider audience.

Bring in the Experts for Unique Web Design

If you want to build a website that packs a punch, it needs an expert touch. From creating seamless navigation to designing every detail with your user in mind, unique web design is an art that needs an artist.

If you think your site could use some help, check out our design services at All My Web Needs. If you like what you see, feel free to get in touch and find out more.