Deciding whether to hire a pro for your web design in Nashville or doing it yourself is a question at the top of many small business owner’s minds. You want to make sure that you stay within your marketing budget, but you also don’t want your first attempt at a website to represent a brand that you’ve taken years, if not decades to build. Here are the pros and cons of DIY versus hiring a pro for your web design in Nashville.


There will be a difference in the appearance of the website when you use an inexpensive template like Wix versus having a professional create a custom web design for you. And most consumers will be able to spot the difference. Check out your competition to see how their sites look and be sure you go with the option that will give you the edge.


If your website design in Nashville is only going to serve the purpose of giving people your location and contact information, then you may not need to bring in the pros. However, if you want to generate leads from your website, you’ll need features that are more advanced and will require codes. Allowing people to sign up for newsletters, make appointments, pay for products and services, learn about monthly specials, use coupons, and other marketing techniques aren’t always an option when using a basic website builder. 


Quality content is vital for a successful web design in Nashville, and if you aren’t prepared to write or don’t know what the best SEO techniques when optimizing images, text, and videos, you should bring in the pros to get the job done.


Time is a big factor for small business owners, and while the free website templates boast that you can have your site up in minutes, it’s actually going to take a little more work than that. Many of the tutorials take four hours or more to read and review, and that’s before you load a single picture or create a landing page. A professional company that does website design in Nashville will save a lot of time and give you quality results.


A lot of small business owners think that hiring a Nashville web design company will blow their budget, but times have changed, and many companies are affordable and will custom create packages that apply to your needs and goals. That way you don’t have to pay for services you don’t need and stay within your financial guidelines.


Your site needs to be properly optimized to be fast, and if you choose to DIY, then you’ll want to learn all about site speed to ensure that you don’t lose customers because they aren’t going to wait for a page to load. A Nashville website design company will make sure your pages load fast so that you can capture the attention of your ideal customer within the first few seconds.