More than half of the world’s population is actively online. That’s 4.66 billion people! That’s a lot of people and potential traffic to your website. But there are also more than 2 billion websites on the internet. 

So how can you stand out from the crowd? We take a look at 8 website design trends that will keep your website fresh and keep users coming back for more. 

Dark Mode

Dark mode has taken over almost everything over the course of 2020 and people are loving it. Not only does it look great, but it also brings a super modern edge to whatever is on your screen, it can make your other design elements really pop and stand out.

It’s easier on the eyes, especially for those late-night phone scrolls when we should be sleeping, and it can even save on battery which is always a massive plus for your power-hungry devices. 


Not only does a minimalistic approach looks clean, fresh, and tidy; it’s also really user friendly when done right. The worst experience for any user is to click onto a busy, cluttered website, knowing what they are looking for but being unable to find it among all the competing menus or other visual elements. 

Interactive Elements

What could be more engaging than looking at a website? Interacting with it of course! And not just your bog-standard navigation either. 

This can be a time consuming and costly addition to your website, but it is guaranteed to pay off. The more unusual the more time users will spend on your site, spread the word, and increase your traffic.

Rotating Animations

We’ve all seen the images at the top of a website that changes on a loop. It’s old, it’s boring, we’ve had enough. Animation on the other hand…now that’s new and a step up from images moving to other static images. 

If every time a user lands on your home page, they see a different animated welcome, it will keep them coming back for me. It’s fun, it’s engaging and everybody likes a surprise every now and then.

3D Elements

As technology improves, as does our experimentation with 3D. And the internet wants to see more. You can even combine this trend with interactivity for a double whammy. Make sure your platform is fast loading for any animation, interactive or 3D heavy content though. 

Abstract Composition

Every designer knows a project always starts and hangs on the use of a grid. But a grid doesn’t have to a grid-like we are all used to, and modern websites are breaking the rules to make the grid more appealing and fun. 

Asymmetric designs and abstract layouts are engaging users and giving websites a bit of energy as they step away from the norm.

Creative Scrolling

Much like the rule-breaking grids above, creative scrolling is breaking the notion that we always go from top to bottom. Why can’t we scroll from left to right? For that matter, why can’t scrolling keep us where we are and trigger something else, like an animation?

These creative uses of a such well-known feature are popping up everywhere and will grow throughout 2021. 

Website Design Trends

Which of these website design trends would suit your website? If you need help figuring that out or implementing your chosen design, be sure to check out our website design and maintenance services.