NOTE: These instructions are for desktop. Please use a computer (not a mobile device) when following these instructions.

Sharing a folder in Dropbox is easy, but most people share with a single email address at a time. What if more and more people need access to that same folder through the course of a project? Rather than having to continuously add people to the project you can create a link. Here’s how:

  • Create the folder in Dropbox if you haven’t already. In this example I used a folder labeled “Example Folder Name”.
  • Click the “Share” button when hovering your mouse over the desired folder (like you normally would to share a folder).
  • Rather than entering an email address, click the link below labeled “Create a link”.

  • Then you’ll see new options. Click the one labeled “Copy link”.

  • Done! Now all you have to do is paste your link in an email to the team members you want to share with.

No one will be able to access the folder without going directly to that specific link.