Looking to build a new website for your business?

You have two choices — custom or template.

While a template is a cheap and easy solution, it won’t give you the results you need.

Read on to find out why every business needs custom website design.

Why Your Business Needs a Custom Website

Not sure whether investing in websites is worth it? Here are 7 reasons why it is.

1. Break the Mold

While templates are fine for personal blogs and websites that are just for fun, they don’t cut it for businesses. They force you to display your content in a set way, giving you little to no freedom in terms of layout.

Websites aren’t one-size-fits-all, so don’t settle for a cookie-cutter solution.

2. Be More Credible

Websites made with templates don’t give an impression of authenticity.

If you haven’t invested in a professional site, customers will wonder whether or not they can trust your services.

A custom-made website gives visitors confidence that it’s safe and reliable.

3. Increase Loading Speed

Loading speed is absolutely crucial for your website. If it’s too slow to load, users will abandon it in a matter of seconds.

When you have complete control over your site, you can optimize it to make it as fast as possible. You don’t have that luxury when you’re simply cramming all your content into a template.

4. Create Your Brand Identity

For many potential customers, your website will be their first point of contact.

That’s why you need to make a great impression with a sleek, professional site. Make sure it’s in line with your company’s mission and values, so visitors will immediately recognize your brand identity.

5. Be Compatible with Mobile Devices

More than half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices.

However, not all templates are compatible with mobile devices. This means that they don’t display the layout correctly, and certain functions don’t work.

If you use one, you’re shutting yourself off to a huge portion of your market. When your site isn’t as responsive or easy to use on a mobile device, people will look elsewhere.

6. Be More Competitive

Look around at your competition. Are they using custom-built websites? Chances are that they are.

Without one of your own, how can you compete with them?

You need to set yourself apart by doing something that no one else in the market is doing. You can’t do that with a boring old template.

7. Make More Money

All of this translates to more traffic and more clicks, which you can convert into sales. That’s the bottom line.

Ask the Experts

Now that you know how a custom website can benefit you, the next step is to get started.

You don’t have to build one all by yourself. Instead, let the experts do it for you!

At All My Web Needs, we’ll build a unique website just for you. We’ll also make sure it reaches your audience, gets clicks, and generates sales.

Contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll make it happen.