Whether you use your Nashville website design to sell products and services online, or your primary focus is to grow your businesses online presence to increase brand awareness, it’s important that your site looks attractive and navigation makes sense for customers to locate the specific information they’re seeking. Of course, there are a few ways to do this successfully, and then there are those designs that can turn potential customers off. Here we look at a few design flaws that can make customers leave your website to click on someone else’s.   

#1: Too many ads

You might not notice how ads have taken over your website, but all they do is distract and look messy. Too many ads cause pages to run slow and give off too much visual clutter. There is nothing worse for a customer who is trying to find pertinent information to have to look over pop-ups and unnecessary ads. Keep pages simple by only allowing a few ads that make sense with your general content. Make sure the ads you look nice and fit in with the rest of your overall website design in Nashville.

#2: Cluttered pages

Just like with ads, too much unnecessary content, videos, and images can make a website look unorganized and cluttered. Use white space to give the customer a place to rest their eyes. Too much visual content is confusing and overwhelming. Keep the most important and current information on the page and provide links to the other pieces of content if you think it’s important or helpful.

#3: Tiny font print

A font that is too small to read is a big turn off for many website users. If customers feel like they need to reach for a magnifying glass to read information, it’s time to make your font a little bigger. Don’t get too fancy with the type of font either. Your information on your website should be easy to read in size and style. Also, be mindful that you don’t use colors for the font like yellow or light pink because these can be very hard on the eyes and difficult to read.

#4: Poor image quality

Pictures are what set amateur websites apart from professional sites in the consumer’s eyes. The Internet is visual, and if you have poor image quality, it immediately looks bad on your company. Take the time to edit, brighten, and hone your photos, so they add visual interest to your website design in Nashville and not bring it down.

#5: The wrong information

Customers are coming to your website with a purpose. Don’t confuse them by listing the wrong information. Keep addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses current. If you have links on your page, make sure they work and take users to the correct place. If you have trouble keeping your website working and organized, it might be time to outsource the job to a Nashville web design company. Hire pros to keep your website attractive and organized. It will always be worth the money because it saves you time and brings in more customers.