Are you wondering what web design color schemes you should use for your new or updated site? Finding a trending color scheme that is also in line with your branding is a must for a professional, clean, and visually appealing website. 

To learn more about the top trending web design color palettes we’re seeing this year, keep reading. In this guide, we will go over some awesome design ideas that can give you some inspiration when selecting colors for your website. 

1. Soft and Subtle 

We’ve seen tons of websites using soft tones, and they are great for those looking for a calm, neutral, and classy design scheme. This is a great option for those that are selling products or fashion, in which images will be incredibly important. Soft neutrals will allow product photos and text to pop rather than making for a busy appearance. 

Combining images, neutral tones, and white space allows the viewer a nice calming experience when navigating your website. It’s important to keep in mind that negative space is just as important as the colors you use, regardless of what palette you decide on. This minimal style pairs well with other minimal elements, such as text and call-to-action buttons. 

This is great for luxury brands looking to display refinement. Soft tones can help to support and highlight your images rather than acting as a distraction from them. 

2. Simple With a Pop of Red

Many companies are using an off-white or gray background for their website and adding pops of red in areas they wish to highlight. This bold color is the only one you need, making for a simple page design. This is a great way to allow your website visitors to easily focus on what’s important to both you and them. 

Using red in your logo, or by making certain text or buttons pop is a great idea for companies that are looking for a professional and simple display. Pops of red make this clean palette anything but boring. 

3. Pink and Black 

Both soft and bright pinks are having a moment in web design, and these colors balance beautifully with jet black. This is perfect for anyone looking for a trendy design scheme that is still sleek. Soft pink backgrounds can work to make black text or product photos pop. 

This is especially great for tech or equipment companies that produce products that tend to come in dark colors. You can make text headers a bright pink to pop out from the lighter pink hues. This is a great modern and fun take for companies gearing towards a modern audience. 

Trending Web Design Color Palettes We Love

If you’re hoping to make your website modern and appealing, think about trying out some of the top trending web design color palettes above. Make sure your website shines your brand in the best light with these innovative ideas. 

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