If you want to stay ahead of the competition and give your customers the best online experience, then there are a few Nashville web design elements that you shouldn’t ignore. Some of these you may already utilize and others you may not. Regardless of where you are in the process of growing your business and designing a website, take the time to check all of these elements off your list as you apply them. And if you do already have them in place, retake a look at them to make sure they don’t need to be updated.

A convenient online contact form

Virtually all customers expect to find a convenient online contact form on a business web design in Nashville. Have a set place on each page that has a simple form that allows people to put basic information in such as name, email, and reason for reaching out. Keep it short though because people don’t want to divulge all of their information if the inquiry is just a quick question. The goal is for people to have a way to reach out 24/7 at their convenience, so you don’t miss a single opportunity.

A phone number to reach your customer service at

Even with all of the virtual ways we can reach out to one another, some people simply prefer to pick up the phone and talk to a real person. And even if they don’t, just seeing that there is a way to reach out and speak to someone in case something goes wrong gives customers peace of mind. List your phone number clearly on your Nashville web design, and if you have a brick and mortar store, be sure you have the address listed. Also, make sure the phone number and address are mobile responsive so people can click on the information and make the call or have the direction sent to their GPS.

A custom logo and security badges

The last thing that you want to be online is generic. Visitors to your website design are looking for signs that you are a real company that has online security measures. If your site has any elements that even give the slightest hint that you could be fake, they won’t give information, and they’ll leave pretty quick. Showcase your custom logo and security badges in a place that is easy to see.

A Call-to-Action

Throughout your small business website design, you should have CTA’s that let visitors know what steps to take next to enlist your services or learn more. Your online contact form can serve as one, but make sure that at the bottom of each page and under different service write-ups, you include information about where to go when the decision has been made to enlist a service.

A plan for SEO

Even with the best Nashville web design in your industry, if you don’t have a strategic plan for SEO, then all of that hard work has been in vain. Create a current plan for SEO, and if you’re strapped for time or haven’t been able to keep up with the latest trends, reach out the experts at a Nashville web design company.