As your small business grows, you’ll start to notice areas that demand more attention and require an expansion plan. Your Nashville web design is one of those elements of business that should evolve as you grow and shift your company model. However, your website may be left behind if you think it still represents your company in a good light and is convenient for customers. If you are on the fence about whether you should expand your small business website design, here are a few ways to know.

You’re being asked for the same information repeatedly, but have nowhere to send customers

If every other customer asks you and your staff the same question, you need to evaluate the information they are seeking. If you want them to call or come to your office to get this information that is one thing. But, if they are only inquiring by reaching out to you because they can’t find the info anywhere else, you can create a page on your small business website that provides the answers they need.

You have added new services or options

Think of your Nashville web design as an extension of your business. When your business grows by adding new services or options, your website should reflect this. Take a good hard look at your services page and make sure it reflects your current capabilities and not those from five years ago. While you may not necessarily need to expand your website by adding pages, you do need to ensure it is updated, so no customer leaves thinking they were misinformed.

You keep adding new information to the same landing page

If every time something changes in your business model such as adding new services, deciding to include a free consultation, or incorporating specials, and you keep adding it to the same page, it can start to muddy the waters. You want your Nashville web design to make sense for customers and to be easy to navigate, but if they have to look through countless paragraphs on the same page to find what they need, they’ll go somewhere else.

Expand your website in a way that makes navigation seamless, and the customer experience is memorable, and you’ll find visitors keep coming back because they can find what they are searching for. Even if you have to add a new page, it’s worth it to ensure customers have a good experience on your website because this is often the first impression they get from you.

You want new features and to build an online community

If you want a place for customers to be able to communicate with each other such as a forum, you can achieve this by expanding the capabilities of your website design in Nashville. Or perhaps, you want a dedicated online area with more information for those that give you their email. Whatever your goals, speak with a Nashville website design company to get your business site back on track and fully expanded to meet your vision.