If you don’t think your small business website could use a video – think again! There are some significant advantages to offering marketing videos for your current and future customers. Here we’ll explore the reasons why you want to incorporate a video on your website, what purpose your video should serve, and a few steps to help get you started.

Why use a video?

You’re active on social media, you have an easy to navigate website that’s optimized and attractive, and you see positive marketing outcomes from your strategy, so why bother with a video? Well, there’s a variety of reasons from enhancing your SEO to personalizing your brand. You also have the chance to capture an audience that prefers videos to words. When paired with other images and content, a video can make a greater impact on your marketing efforts.

What purpose should your video serve?

Once you decide that you want a video on your website, the next step is to find the purpose you want it to serve. Don’t just sit in front of the camera one day and start to share. Here’s a rundown of a few directions your video can take.

Introduction: You can simply have a video that introduces yourself, your company, and your values. This is an excellent way to gain the trust of customers and give your website authenticity from your competitors.

Tutorials: Don’t be afraid that if you offer tutorials based on your business such as how to change your oil or how to make salad dressing from scratch that people won’t convert. People love seeing tutorials on your particular trade because they consider you an expert. Start with something basic such as how to check your tire pressure, and move up from there.

Entertainment: Some people don’t want to use a video for any other purpose than to make people laugh or just keep them engaged in their brand for a few moments. You can do this by finding what makes your company unique and fun to work at. You can capture a good-humored practical joke, ask everyone to share their favorite work memory, or video the company picnic. Just be sure you edit the material accordingly to get rid of excess footage and leave the best parts.

Expert Interview: You can set up an area with two chairs just like you would see on your local news station and capture an interview with an expert. Be sure that you have questions prepared, and make the decision if you want the expert to be internal or if you plan to find an expert outside of your own business. This style of video creates a sense of authority and experience for your company, and the viewer will take notice.

Promotional Material: Maybe you want to establish a series of commercials to share on social media, as well as display on your website. Or perhaps you wish to take your testimonials up a notch and have them on video. You can also make a video of the latest products advancements in your particular industry. Whatever you decide when it comes to promotional material, a video will help enhance your brand and services.

What are the next steps?

For now, take the time to think about what style of video would enhance your online marketing strategy. Remember, the list above are only a few suggestions to help get you started. You can get more creative as you develop your strategy and strengthen your camera skills. Talk to those you want to be involved in the video and start to lay out a plan on paper. The more prepared you are when it’s time to get out the camera, the more professional and engaging your video will be. Next week we’ll share the best practices for making a professional grade video with your smartphone!