Your business website design in Nashville is a valuable marketing tool, but it can only do its job if you have traffic coming by to visit. And you don’t just want any visitors – you want people that are looking for you and that want to convert. While each business is unique in the types of visitors that they want to get to come by, there are a few universal tips that you can apply to your website design today. Let’s check out four ways to increase your website traffic and conversions.

Design an email campaign dedicated to bringing people to your website

Email is still a powerful marketing tool (no matter what you’ve heard), and it doesn’t have to take up a ton of your time. To use email to increase website traffic, you can create a campaign around this. The best way to get results is to segment your email list and create messages for each group directing them to your site that makes the most sense for them.

For example, you can create different email sequences for people that have never converted, those that have made a purchase over three months ago, and those that made a purchase or used your services a week ago. By separating these groups, you can refine your message and CTA and drive traffic to your site.

Update your website design in Nashville and make an event of it

Don’t just have your website design in Nashville updated and move on with your day. Use this as an opportunity to have an event. Share your new website updates via press releases, emails, social media, and other platforms. Design a coupon or special just for the occasion to make it about the customers.

Websites are an extension of your business, and when you open a new brick and mortar location or make improvements to your store, customers notice and appreciate it! By letting them know that your site is updated and what helpful changes that they can expect, you’ll see an increase in traffic.

Add useful videos, articles, and podcasts to your website

Whether you’re going through an update or you want to make your website design in Nashville more competitive, you’ve got a few options to make it happen. Videos, articles, podcasts, and info graphics are just a few ways to increase the value of your site and give customers something in return for their patronage.

Get website design experts to enhance your current SEO

If your SEO isn’t current, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Whether you don’t have the bandwidth, or you aren’t as skilled at new techniques for SEO as you would like to be, get the experts involved to enhance this element of your website design.

Search engine optimization will drive traffic to your site that wants to find it. It helps refine their search effort, so your bounce rate is low because potential buyers end up getting the information they were searching for, and that is the key to getting more traffic and conversions.