Social media is a powerful marketing tool, and while it’s effective — it’s also saturated with marketers trying to get in front of their target audience. To be seen, you have to take a few calculated risks and craft effective social media posts designed for your ideal market. Of course, you may already know that. The question then isn’t what you need to do to get in front of the right people on social media, it’s how to do it. To help, here we share a few tips on how to craft an effective social media post that gets attention.

Keep the message brief and include a link to your website

People simply don’t take the time to read long posts unless it truly calls to a specific need that they were searching for. For some, writing attention grabbing social media posts that go on for 3 paragraphs works, but studies show that for most businesses it doesn’t. Plus, it can be very time-consuming without much ROI.

To craft an effective social media that will be seen by potential customers keep it brief. One to two sentences often does the trick. Be sure you add a link to your Nashville website design as well. If people are engaged with your post, you need to guide them towards the next steps to convert.

Add images and videos

Images and videos are going to grab the attention the your target market, so carefully select these. They should make sense when paired with the content and hashtags as well as what you’re selling.

For example, if you manage a dentist office and you’re sharing a post to promote an upcoming special on teeth whitening, you could use a before and after photo, or have a video of a dentist endorsing the health benefits. If you have a picture of a cat in a fedora, people may stop, laugh and click the like button without ever converting or even realizing that the post was for teeth whitening.

Make sure the content informs or entertains

It’s vital that the content be useful to your target market whether it’s informative or entertaining. To use the example above, if a dentist office wanted to use the picture of the cat in the fedora to increase engagement and fun on their social media feed, they can! It just needs to be purposeful based on the actions that you want traffic to take.

Be true to your brand

Being true to your brand is an essential part of the social media experience you provide customers. The logo and branding should match your Nashville web design and other elements of your business. When people see your posts come across their feeds, they should know that it’s from you or should easily be able to identify the business it’s from.

Have a plan for analyzing the posts

To ensure you are crafting the most effective posts, make sure you analyze them. That way, you know what’s working for your target market and what isn’t. Then adjust your social media campaign accordingly!