There aren’t many marketing tools as powerful as your Nashville website design. Your small business website is where current and potential customers are directed when they need information like the services you offer, contact information, location, and everything in between. It should complement all other online marketing efforts such as email and social media to ensure you get the best ROI and increase brand awareness.

Over time though, your website is going to need a redesign. But, for many, the question isn’t if you should get a website redesign – it’ how often you need to get the job done for best results. For a quick reference, here are a few times that you should get that redesign for your Nashville website.

When the technology is outdated

The more outdated the technology of your website design, the less likely you are to leave your visitors with a good experience. As browsers enhance and change, and new technology becomes possible, you’ll need to adapt your website design accordingly. For instance, if you don’t have a mobile responsive website yet, you should gain access to the technology and design techniques that make that possible.

When the design trends have long passed

There are trends for everything from food to fashion, and web design is no different. When your website design in Nashville is dated, trust that customers notice and can reflect on your brand. Make sure you are applying those subtle changes in trends to stay current and keep up with the competition.

Every time your business rebrands

Most small businesses will rebrand from time to time to ensure their brand stays fresh. When you rebrand your business, that means it’s time to do the same for your website. You can even make an event of it and send out special coupons or have a contest or sweepstakes for visitors to win prizes. Make the most of those moments when you rebrand to increase marketing productivity and guide people to your website.

When you add new services

While you might not need a complete overhaul when adding new services to your business, you should make sure that these pages are being updated. You don’t just want to stick a new service at the bottom of a long list but place it where it makes the most sense. You should also have a page for customers to go to that goes into a good bit of detail about the service, so customers don’t leave your website to learn more somewhere else.

When the website no longer works

There may come a time that you notice you can no longer perform updates and your small business website is simply running slow. When the website performance takes a nosedive, it can be because the site no longer works, and you need a professional redesign.

Each small business will go through their own website redesigns at their own pace. Let the points above serve as a guide for when you should get the job done, and don’t hesitate to call in the web design experts.