The Google Search Console has been known by a few different names over the years as it has evolved into a very powerful tool that can help you make smart moves to enhance your site. It puts you in better control of data so that you aren’t flying blindly but can make educated decisions and perform to your fullest potential online. And when you pair it with other exceptional tools out there the sky will be the limit. While all Nashville web designs will need time to cultivate and expand their reach, here are a few ways that this free tool can help you out.

You’ll have access to resources 

When it comes to Nashville web design and the tools that can help you achieve online success, you’ll want to start by taking advantage of the resources. Educate yourself on the different practices and how to use the tools before you jump right in. Think of SEO like a car’s engine. If you’ve never worked under the hood before, you’ll want to gain a little insight before you attempt to change the spark plugs. And the best part is, Google wants you to succeed, so they provide you with some pretty in-depth pieces of literature about how to use the console to your advantage.

You’ll learn more about traffic

The more information you have about the traffic that visits your Nashville web design, the better you can tailor your services to meet the criteria of your ideal customers. If you have a high bounce rate, then you may find that you’re not targeting enough local keywords. Whatever the issues you’re having with traffic, Google Search Console will provide you with the data so that you can apply it to your website.

You’ll monitor site performance

Beyond learning more about your traffic and visitor patterns, you’ll get data on how your site performs when it comes to areas like speed and optimization. People will generally spend eight to ten seconds on a website design in Nashville before leaving, and they’ll spend around three seconds if they are on mobile devices, so speed and site performance should always be a priority. Plus, with this tool, you’ll see how both Google and visitors see your website, giving you a chance to find that balance that will please both bots and people so that you can improve in rankings.

You’ll be able to maintain your website with ease

Maintaining your website is as important as building it, and you’ll need to keep up with the latest trends when it comes to linking, keywords, monitoring, testing, and much much more. When you practice SEO, just like a carpenter and other trades, you’ll need to grow your toolbox to be successful. Take the time to apply the knowledge that you’ve learned, and always look for changes in the industry so that you stay proactive in all of your online endeavors.