When a visitor comes to your website design in Nashville, it’s crucial that they have a good user experience. Your website’s user experience is like a warm hello to visitors because they can seamlessly check out your brand and get the information they need quickly. Clear navigation, quality images, and using white space to open up your site and make it easy to read are all proven ways to give visitors a better experience. To help you enhance your website design even more, here are a few more tips to follow.

#1: Speed up page load times

Page speed is a biggie when it comes to giving users a better experience on your website. Simply put, if your website design in Nashville isn’t fast enough, it’s time to speed it up or get an expert web designer to do it. There are a few ways to check your speed. Slow websites often have a high bounce rate because visitors show up, and if the page doesn’t load in a few seconds, they leave. Also, Google has a place that you can check site speed. Of course, you can always visit to get an idea of what users go through when they visit regarding page load times.

#2: Get creative with bullet points

First, if you’re not using bullet points on your small business website design in Nashville for lists – it’s time to start! Bullet points are easy for readers to scan and they are eye-catching because most businesses use them for key information like product benefits, service lists, and more.

Once you have established where you need bullets points and have added them, get creative with them to help your business website in Nashville stand out. Choose bullets that are customized for the particular features and products you have. For instance, if you sell gourmet coffee and tea, you can use tea leaves, coffee cups and beans, and other themed bullets when listing products.

#3: Don’t ignore the Call-to-Action

Many website designs in Nashville have weak call-to-action because they seem like an afterthought that was slapped on the bottom of the page. The goal of your call-to-action should always be written to ignite the customer to take action whether they are signing up for a newsletter to help grow your email list, or they are making an appointment for a free consultation.

Your call-to-action needs to get people to, well, take action! When creating CTA’s for your Nashville web design, you need to focus on the words to ensure they spark a reaction. But, you also need to make the space attractive and enhance the message with web design elements.

#4: Invest in a pro web design

If you really want to take your Nashville website design to the next level and enhance the user experience, get the professionals involved. Whether you want an affordable one-time redesign or you are ready to take the task of managing a small business website off your shoulders, you’ll get results with the experts.