Content is crucial to small businesses both online and off. And when you’re trying to re-engage and revamp your current content strategy, you might find yourself overwhelmed with information and being pulled in multiple directions. When this happens to you, it’s time to get back to the basics. Here are a few basic content creation strategies that should never be forgotten, no matter how large or small your online marketing campaign is.

Keep your audience in mind

Remember the people you’re trying to reach and take the time to think about they need. It can be easy to get caught up in what you want when you own a small business because you’ve invested so much of yourself in it. However, this is one time to keep your potential customer in mind and give them what they ask for.

If you’re a mechanic, and people continually ask how to change their own oil, go ahead and write a detailed tutorial on oil maintenance 101. Of course, you want people to come to you to get this service done, but by offering this valuable information, you’ll gain trust and longevity with customers.

Always be informative

When it comes to creating content that gets conversions, it’s crucial you give people solid blocks of information they can apply to their buying decision. Many people are looking for further data and descriptions of your products and services. By giving your audience the knowledge they crave to feel good about a purchase, you’ll soon turn into a solution instead of a sale, and they’ll come to you over and over again when in need of similar services.

Tell a story

Not only are stories a more engaging way to get content across to your target audience, but they give your customers insight into your brand and who you are. The more your customers get to know you, the more you will build those trusting relationships that can last a lifetime in business.

Include the right keywords

While keywords aren’t more important than creating valuable and quality content, they are influential in getting found by search engines. The longer the keywords, the better your search results will be. Pay attention to how people search for the services you offer and incorporate those words into your content. You can also invest in a keyword research tool to help narrow down what words are relevant to your business when potential customers are searching.

Repurpose old content

One reason people get frustrated and lose their way when it comes to creating content is they feel like they’ve covered it all. Online content moves fast and is continually being published. If you find your content is growing stale or dull because you’re covering topics that don’t excite you anymore, then go back to the beginning. Use your most popular articles and repurpose them in the form of a video, compile them for an ebook, or have them designed as an infographic.

When you take the time to get back to the basics with your content, you’ll find that the task becomes more manageable. Better than that, it becomes fun again.