A Nashville website design takes a lot of time and effort to get just right. And whether you’ve launched your first small business website or you’re ready to upgrade the design because your company has grown, a top priority is to get visitors to swing by and check out what you have to offer. Of course,  it can be easy to get discouraged and distracted. But, with a little time on your part focused in the right direction, you’ll start to see an uptick in visitors and conversions. Here we take a look seven places you can focus to bring more visitors to your web design in Nashville.

Social media

Social media is a great way to get people to link back to your website, but it can get pretty noisy out there. To make the most of this outlet, begin by choosing one or two platforms to use and then make sure you are keeping up with posts and engagement. Don’t spread yourself too thin and try to manage multiple social media campaigns unless you and your staff have the time.

Email links

When you send out emails to current and potential customers, make sure that you are linking back to your website. Even for emails that are thanking someone for their purchase, giving ordering and delivery information, or confirming an appointment, add the link in your signature.


Search engine optimization still gets results and needs to be applied, and the techniques for SEO in 2018 are more sophisticated than ever before. Getting a Nashville web design expert involved for your SEO needs is an excellent way to drive visitors to your site, and to take the stress off you!

A quality web design

Of course, your current web design is going to have a significant impact on people visiting your site. You need it to have fast upload times and be easy to navigate. Your website design should also showcase your brand and look professional and secure.

Business websites (other than your own)

If there are other business websites that you can advertise on and cross-merchandise, you should consider it. Make sure they’re reputable, and that linking to each other’s sites make sense. For example, if you sell prom and wedding dresses, find a reliable and local limo company or hair salon that you can cross-promote with.

Google Ads

Google Ads are fantastic if you want to boost your ranking and see an increase in quality traffic. But, they can be intimidating if you’ve never run a campaign before. Get Nashville web design experts involved if you want to get the most for your money when it comes to Google Ads or other search engine ads.

Lead magnets

Lead magnets bring visitors to your website because they are generally designed to be a complementary solution that is helpful to your customers. Whether it’s free templates for organizing data or a tutorial, the goal here is to make sure that the lead magnet benefits the person visiting your website. Plus, this helps build your authority.