If you have a small business web design in Nashville, chances are you also have a presence on social media. And you probably already know that creating social media posts can feel like a full-time job. With more posts showing up on customer’s social media feeds, and marketing campaigns moving faster than they ever have before, it can be tough to stay on top of it.

But, with a solid social media marketing campaign in place and the best tools being used to spread the word about your business on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, trust that you can see results. Plus, you can guide people to your Nashville web design to take advantage of your services. To help you get started, here are few quick tips for creating social media posts that get noticed.

Edit the images

If you are using images that you’ve taken for your business, make sure that you put in the time to edit them before sharing. While you want to come across as authentic and show your personality, you also need to make sure your business is professional in every aspect of the post. If you aren’t sure how to best edit your photos, consider hiring someone that can help.

Keep the message short

Just like getting your message across on your Nashville web design, when it comes to social media, you have to keep the message is short and sweet. You can always guide people to the areas that give more detailed information such as a page on your website. Remember, people are only going to spend a few seconds looking at each post on their social media feed, and the goal is to grab their attention.

Provide links to your website

Even if you aren’t trying to bring people to your Nashville web design, you should still provide links and make sure your brand is visible. Even if all you’re sharing is a video of the cat that hangs out at your store, you want people to be able to identify who is sharing the video quickly.

Use the right hashtags

If hashtags confuse you, trust that you’re not alone. But they can serve a purpose in getting your brand out there and getting noticed on social media feeds. Make sure you’re using the right hashtags for your message by doing a little research. Go to the hashtag to see what others have posted to ensure it makes sense for your business and reflects your brand the way you intend it to.

Keep up with the comments

When you post on social media, make sure you are responding and liking people that make comments on your post. You’ll also want to remove any negative comments that can find their way on personal and business social media accounts. Interacting with your customers in real time is one of the best ways to show that you are fast to respond whether on social media or when enlisting your services.