If you’ve ever tried to apply SEO to your Nashville web design, then you already know there is nothing simple about it! But, there are a few techniques that are easier than others, and they can be just as impactful. Before we get started, it’s essential you understand that SEO is not dead nor is it going away. It’s only becoming more intricate and involved. When at the beginning of learning about SEO, make sure you are reading updated information because techniques and practices change from year to year. To help you get started, here are a few simple tips to optimize your web design in Nashville.

#1: Rethink the way you target keywords

Targeting keywords were once much more straightforward, but as search engines and technology get smarter, the process of optimizing a website with keywords has expanded. Now, long-tail and localized keywords are recognized and help boost rankings, and you’ll need to think about voice searches as well when creating your keywords lists. The goal with keywords is to make sure that they are natural and used in the same way that people search for your goods and services.

#2: Get rid of web design clutter

Getting rid of web design clutter is more than removing a few icons and images, so you have more white space. It’s also about checking to make sure you don’t have plugins slowing you down and making sure contact forms are brief and updated. Ridding your website design of unnecessary clutter helps to increase page load times, and it just makes the visitor experience more enjoyable.

#3: Make sure your web design is responsive

It’s surprising how many small businesses still don’t have a web design in Nashville that is responsive for smaller screens. If you really want to keep up with competitors and increase traffic to your website, you need to ensure your web design in responsive because more people are looking for local services and products via smartphones versus home computers. A web design that isn’t responsive isn’t going to rank as high on the mobile web since it won’t be optimized for it. Take a minute to check your web design on a smartphone or test it online to make sure that it is easy to read on small screens.

#4: Hire a web design company

One of the simplest ways to optimize your web design in Nashville is to bring in the pros. Experienced web designers can take your website to the next level, and trust that it is more affordable than you realize. And you aren’t stuck buying a package you only use half of when you go with the right SEO company.

You can get a web designer involved as much or as little as you want too. If a redesign or a consultation is the only service you need, get the pros involved in the project right now. But, if you want to have a web designer manage your small business site so you can save a ton of time, we can do that too!