2.27 billion. That is how many profiles there are Facebook to date. 67 million. That is how many active Twitter users there are. 800 million. This is the number of Instagram users. Now, you tell our web design firm that your business doesn’t need a social media presence. If you are still one of the companies that think like this, you need to reevaluate the way you operate. Social Media is one of the fastest growing markets out there, and it is a great outlet to get your business in the eyes of consumers. The benefits of what social media can do for your business are exponential, and they can take your business to levels you never thought possible. If that wasn’t enough evidence for you, let us tell you some more.

Your Audience is Growing There

The numbers above are the most recent as reported from each respective company. More and more people are joining social media every day, and this is where many of them find out about a new company/brand. When our web design company was just starting, we knew one of the first things to do was establish a presence on social media.  These platforms are a great outlet to widen your audience and reach consumers you may have never even thought about.

Gain Consumer Insight

Social media is where people are talking. If someone didn’t like an experience with a certain business, more than likely they will say something about it on social media. Another example is when someone loved a product or brand. Usually, they will spread that appreciation on their social media, or they will even go to that company’s page and leave a positive review. When a client comes to our web design company looking for a new website and leaves with a product they love, they leave us a positive review which only will show to other consumers that we do good work. These are the ways that your company can stay in the know with what people are saying about you.

Create Strong Relationships

These platforms are where conversations happen. Not just between consumers, but social media allows for your brand/business to talk back to consumers. Our web design firm loves engaging with our followers because we know it is strengthening a bond. You have the opportunity to engage with your loyal consumers and continue to build strong relationships with them. This leads to a growing fan-base and a sense of trust amongst your consumers for your business. In this space, your brand can be transparent with consumers helps grow that loyalty you want all of your customers to have for your brand.

This day in age, it is extremely difficult to reach the maximum amount of potential as a business without having some form of social media presence. This space gives consumers and your brand a place to share valuable content thus furthering your brand awareness amongst the public. The ways of marketing are changing and any good marketing specialist will know that social media for a business is a must.