A recent study found that 72% of Americans use social media sites. If you own a business, getting your brand in front of this huge audience can massively increase your brand awareness and boost sales revenues. 

But which sites are the best social media platforms for business? You’ll only want to spend your marketing budget on sites that maximize your return on investment, so making the right choices is essential.

Fortunately, there are several social media platforms that offer fantastic business opportunities when used properly.

Keep reading to find out more. 


It may have been around for a long time, but Facebook is still in the top 3 most popular social media platforms, making it a great option for businesses looking to connect with a large audience. 

Facebook also allows you to laser-focus your marketing efforts on specific groups, ensuring only the consumers who are most likely to buy see your ads. The powerful analytics tools are also useful when optimizing your advertising campaigns. 


LinkedIn is a great social media site if you are looking to meet new business partners, although you can also find customers if you are a B2B company.  The site makes it easy to search for other business people in your industry and reach out to them to make a connection. 

You can also pay for ads to promote your business and attract interest from others in your sector. 


When deciding how to choose a social media platform, it’s important to be aware of current trends. Consumers are already watching a huge amount of video content on YouTube every day, and video marketing can be highly effective. 

It’s also straightforward to create and edit content when you work with a professional firm. You can then upload your clips to YouTube, adding another string to your online advertising bow. 


If you know how to take a good photo, you can promote your business on Instagram. This social media site is popular amongst the younger generation, and is also ideal for use on mobile devices, making it simple for people to view your content while on the move.

You can also repost your images across your other business social media accounts to expand your online reach. 


When using social media for business, you shouldn’t always be trying to make sales. Reddit is a site where people gather to share their knowledge, and being too promotional could get you banned from the platform.

But, you can be a part of the online conversations and help people with their queries. This can help you build a reputation, and is also a great way to develop relationships with consumers.

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