Are you wondering whether using social media will improve your search engine optimization (SEO)? Social media and SEO are two different prongs of digital marketing. Yet, your social media presence impacts your SEO in an indirect manner.

So, how do you get your social media and SEO to work together to gain your website traffic? We’ll get into a strategy below. We’ll also show you how they combine to help you grow your website!

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How They Work

First, you should understand how each one works in a separate manner.

SEO strategies help your web pages rank higher in search engine results. Search engine algorithms look for keywords to determine relevance. They also use links to other pages to decide reliability.

The more relevant and reliable your web pages, the higher the algorithms rank them.

Being near the top of search engine results matters. Most people only click on the first few options they see. The further down your listing appears, the fewer customers you get.

Social media helps you gain website visitors by allowing you to run ads and post links to any of your web pages. You also get to interact with your client base. Doing this increases the likelihood someone will visit your website again.

Social Media and SEO

Search engine algorithms crawl social media pages and content. Yet, they don’t consider social media links and shares as factors in ranking.

Still, social media draws attention to your articles and other published content. When your followers share it to their personal pages, more people have a chance to link back to it on their own websites. The more links you receive, the more authoritative your web pages look to search engines.

Also, when people visit your website and interact with it, search engines interpret it as a worthwhile web page to rank higher. The more you post on social media, the higher your chance of ranking well in search results.

Social Media Interaction Improves SEO Content

If you want to attract more visitors to your website, you need to publish content your clientele finds valuable.

How do you determine if your clients like your content? Use social media platforms. If many people like your content, your social media analytics should reflect it. You will see more people clicking on your links and sharing and liking posts.

Once you know what types of posts your clients like, create more of them.

Ready to Improve Your Social Media and SEO Integration?

So, do you want to improve your social media and SEO integration but need professional help?

Having a robust plan doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. Building your social media presence and ranking well takes time. Still, you can do it quicker with a professional team on your side.

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