How can your website reach the top spot on the search engine page rankings (SERPs)?

Over half of website traffic comes from organic search results. Click-through rates from Google Search average 32%. Yet 90% of web pages receive no traffic from Google and fewer attain the #1 position.

This article helps to answer the question of how to get on the first page of Google?

Read on to discover what Google guidelines say about quality. Learn about keyword optimization and a Google My Business profile. And see why hiring SEO marketing experts can improve sales for your website and offline store.

1. Follow Google Guidelines

What does Google say are the most important factors that websites need to consider to achieve the highest rankings?

The Google Guidelines document offers quality assurance measures for its internal QA testers.

It defines how web pages should work and highlights what’s important from a quality point of view. For example, it states that the characteristics of high-quality pages include:

  • Positive reputation
  • Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (EAT)
  • High-quality main content

Reading through this PDF gives an excellent insight into the ethos of why Google places one web page above another. That includes what counts as low-quality content and spam.

2. Improve SEO With Keyword Optimization

‘How to get on the first page of Google’ also requires you to add ‘for what keywords’ as the two go hand-in-hand.

Keywords or search phrases are the queries that people search for. For example, law office in Nashville or restaurants near me. It’s great reaching #1 in Google Search but if the query doesn’t relate to your business then visitors will soon leave.

A solid SEO marketing strategy begins with keyword research.

Be sure to use Google Analytics and Google Console to measure the success of each phrase. From there you can optimize that list over time to achieve the best results.

3. Build Unique Content

Creating productive websites includes building an appealing structure but also useful content. And that content needs to grow and offer a useful purpose to attract the right traffic. 

Google loves unique and interesting information because it knows that its users love it too.

Make sure to write about your strengths. Become an authority in your field. If you don’t have the time then hire an SEO team like All My Web Needs that can create the content for you.

4. Improve SERP Rankings With Inbound Links

Inbound or third-party links tell Google that your website is trustworthy. The more quality links from reputable sites the more Google will reward you.

However, be careful not to use link farms.

These generate thousands of links to your pages. Google recognizes them as spam and could even disbar you from its index!

5. Create a Google My Business Profile

This free service by Google lets you create a business profile that appears within Google Search.

Add your website address, phone number, and store details. Upload photos, blog posts, and opening hours. You can also track results and contact attempts from your online dashboard.

How to Get on the First Page of Google

There’s no easy answer to how to get on the first page of Google. It takes time, dedication, and a proven SEO strategy. Thankfully, All My Web Needs is here to help.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, our SEO marketing services help businesses like yours reach the first page of Google. We also offer web design, hosting, marketing, and branding.

Contact us to see how we can help increase website traffic to your website.