The average e-commerce website conversion rate is 2.27% across all industry types.

Online stores selling arts and crafts see the highest of 3.49% while baby products range from 0.99%. Desktop users saw a surge in sales conversions this year over mobile users. Yet all customers demand the best possible shopping experience before buying.

If you have seen a dip in your conversion rates and retaining customers then keep reading.

This article offers 5 essential tips to prevent your content marketing efforts from failing. And not in the way you might think.

Read on to learn how to best configure your call-to-action efforts. See how website errors can impact your KPI success. And learn how to lessen your customer churn by hiring the right marketing experts.

1. Review Google Ads Policies

Pay-per-click adverts offer a 200% return on your investment. As Google owns 92% of the total market share, your PPC ads must meet its guidelines for success.

Google Ads policies provide a wealth of information relating to what your advert should and shouldn’t do.

There is a list of prohibitive items along with restricted content and features. Failing to comply could see your ad terminated with a resulting drop in conversion rates.

2. Configure Your CTAs

A call to action tells a potential customer to follow a pre-determined course to achieve a particular goal.

Most online marketing strategies use a ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Read More’ approach. If those no longer work, consider something different.

Pop-ups offer a higher conversion rate but they can annoy some users. Placing your CTA on the opposite side of the screen. Western users read from the left of the screen so they’ll see your CTA first. Reverse that for Arabic users, for example

3. Optimize Your Loading Speeds

Google’s core web vitals guidelines state that slow-loading websites will often rank lower in Google Search.

Test your site loading speeds on different devices and connections. Ensure they appear on screen in less than 3 seconds. Otherwise, your current ranking could drop, and with it your conversion rates.

4. Check for Website Errors

A 404 page not found error or a blank screen will instantly put off a customer. Search engines detect other errors like scripting issues and will penalize you as a result.

Improve your search engine marketing by checking for errors.

Weed out missing links and files. Test every page. Your site will run quicker and you’ll see a push in sales.

5. Test Your Checkout Process

Customers that journey from your Google Ads listing to the checkout process have an intention to buy. But what if your checkout doesn’t work correctly?

All of your hard work and money is wasted. And all because of the final step.

Double-check your checkout and payment gateways. Ensure they act as they should.

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A percentage drop in conversion rates can dramatically impact your bottom line.

Poor adverts or organic SEO performance reduces visitor traffic. That leads to fewer sales and a dip in revenue. Combatting the issue ranges from reviewing your ads to checking for site errors. That process begins by discovering where the problems lie.

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