With more eyes searching on smartphones versus desktops, you can bet that your competitors are making a game plan to be found on the mobile web. Plus, with Google now focusing on mobile-first indexing, you can’t ignore the possible conversions and leads that are out there. People are searching for restaurants, mechanics, doctor’s offices, and virtually all other industries online, and you should start right now if you want to get an edge on the competition.

#1: Get responsive for all devices

Now that Google is applying mobile-first indexing, you’ll want to ensure your site is ready for the changes. If you have a responsive web design in Nashville, then you shouldn’t see any changes, but still be sure that you run a site-test to make sure that it’s as mobile friendly as you believe it to be. Basically, if you want to be seen on the mobile web, your site has to be responsive to it, and there is no wiggle room.

#2: Stay relevant to your audience

This tip will be true for all screen sizes but is especially true for mobile users. You want to make sure that the information you put out there makes sense for those searching on the mobile web. Because the screen size will be smaller, you’ll want to be smart about the design so that it’s still easy to navigate. When creating a mobile website, have your audience in mind – not yourself – and make sure that you keep what’s relevant, and not clutter pages with unnecessary information.

#3: Upgrade your content

People read a lot more than you may realize when they are killing time standing in line, during work breaks, or even just sitting on the couch. Visitors will make assumptions about your business based on the content that you provide them with. Make sure it’s engaging and flows smoothly and choose topics that your ideal customers are searching for. Also, if it’s dated as far as SEO tactics are concerned, you’ll need to get your Nashville web design updated right away.

#4: Apply mobile SEO techniques

While you should still focus on SEO for desktops, you really need to turn a good bit of attention to mobile SEO. Make sure that you’ve compressed images, researched mobile keywords, and keep your mobile web design fast. You’ll also want to be much more location-focused when optimizing for the mobile web to ensure that you get customers that can easily find you.

#5: Make sure your mobile site is ready to launch

If you’re finally launching your mobile web design in Nashville, make sure that you are completely ready. Google will pay attention to how functional the design is and how easy it is to use from the get-go. If you aren’t sure whether your small business site is ready for the mobile web, you can use Google testing tools, as well as call in the experts for a consultation, so that you know you’re making the right moves.