Our partner program is an easy way for you to make a profit promoting services you love. We offer flexible solutions with both affiliate and whitelabel options. Our goal is to help your customers achieve their goals and make you look good at the same time.

As an All My Web Needs partner, you will have access to an array of services that can help you build an entirely new offering and revenue stream. Earn 5% commissions for every qualified lead you send us, or charge your client directly and have us handle fulfillment.

SEO Discovery Is Key

What makes a good partner?

Our most successful partners are B2B companies offering some sort of design, marketing, or consulting service. You’re already working with customers that want nice looking websites, good search engine rankings, a solid social media presence, and more. Just choose whether you want to pass referrals off to us and let us handle the whole process or if you’d rather re-sell (whitelabel) a service to your clients. In many cases, our partners already provide one or more of the services we offer, so we even give you the option to select which services we are not allowed to offer to your customers. In fact, if they ask us about those services at any point in the future, we just send them right back to you.

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Web Designers

  • Search Engine Marketers

  • Social Media Managers

  • Graphic Designers

  • Business Consultants

Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is the easiest way to make some mailbox money with your existing customers. We give you a place to register your leads and then all you have to do is send an intro email. We take care of the rest. We will advise the client on what’s best for their specific situation, offer solutions, handle the contracts, fulfill the services, and cut you checks.

Also, you can be as involved in the process as you want. We work along side our affilaites in situations where they are providing strategy, content, or graphics and we just implement on the technical side of things. Other times, the affiliate wants to pass the client off and forget about it. We’re fine either way.

Whitelabel Program

We do the work and you get the credit. If you choose to whitelabel, you can charge any amount you want on top of our regular rates. Our pricing is already extremely competitive, so upcharging on top of our rates is pretty easy. Alternatively, you can wrap up some of our services in an existing subscription that you provide to your customer.

Search engine optimizers often just have us handle the weekly blog posting and strategic link building efforts while they handle other areas of optimization. Web designers often have us provide the hosting, security, backups, and tech support for their customers after they’re finished building the websites. Business consultants will have us design and build the websites to their specifications and then just provide the hosting, tech support, etc. while they continue handling the marketing strategy. In short, we are happy to fill in whatever gaps you may have to round out your services.

Becoming A Partner

Get experienced programmers, award winning designers, and top performing marketers in an instant. Our team of experts has well over a century of combined experience – and we’re at your disposal.

Our partner program allows other designers, developers, and agencies to whitelabel our services for resale to their customers. As a partner you get to choose how involved you are with projects and how much contact we have with your clients. All My Web Needs is the perfect outsourcing web solution whether you want us to report only to you, or you want to pass clients over to us to work with directly and just collect a commission.

The Benefits

  • Charge what you want. Some whitelabel programs put limits on how much you can charge. With us you can set your margins however you like.

  • Mailbox money. We have a recurring revenue model, so you can refer a customer once and get paid for as long as they stay a client.

  • Client registration system. Register your clients in our system to lock them in so our sales reps won’t sell to them directly.