68% of businesses say that they’re going to be using landing pages for lead nurturing and conversions in the future.

Why? Landing pages are the bread and butter of modern-day digital marketing.

If you’re currently using pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and working specifically with Google Ads, then creating a high converting landing page is absolutely necessary.

Google is going to rank your page, in part, according to the quality of your landing page.

What should be on your landing page and how should it look? Keep reading to find out.

Define Your Goal

As mentioned, if you’ve created a landing page to serve as an entry-point after someone clicks on a paid ad, then the goal might be clear. However, not all landing pages are for PPC or marketing.

This means that your first step in learning how to make a good landing page is to clearly define your goal.

Some goals might include:

  • Getting visitors to sign up for your newsletter so you can collect emails
  • Build awareness of a new company or a new product
  • Getting people to sign up for a course or download something
  • Converting visitors into paying customers

Whatever your goal is, you need to understand it before creating a landing page. This will help you ensure your page is SEO-optimized, too.

Perform Keyword Research

For this step, you’ll need to think like a customer. What keywords do they search for? What kind of search might they be doing when they stumble upon your landing page?

If you don’t include these keywords in your landing page, then one of two things will happen:

  1. People won’t be able to find you! You have to ensure that your landing page contains high-quality information on the topic that people are searching for. This means that if you sell all-natural juices, then your landing page and the keywords should reflect this.
  2. Search engines won’t rank your landing page very high. Keywords in the landing page itself should be relevant to what you’re selling or promoting.

You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to get ideas about what the most popular search phrases are for your business.

Craft a Killer Headline

Did you know that people form impressions in as short of a time span as 50 milliseconds? That’s not a lot of time to try and convert visitors into customers.

To ensure that readers stay on your page, you’ll need to craft a killer headline that is attention-catching and accurate to what your page is about.

Landing pages that sell have headlines that succinctly tell the reader what the product, service, or offer is all about.

The headline should be between 10-20 words.

It’s important to note here that, because you don’t have much time to grab your readers’ attention, you should also add photos to your landing pages. Make them relevant to the page’s content.

Address Customer Problems, Then Solve Them

You’ll want to add an explainer text below the headline and photo. This is where you’ll need to address a specific issue that you plan to solve.

Even if your product or service doesn’t solve a problem, find a way for the reader to think that they suddenly have a new problem that only you can solve.

Ask them a question like, “Are your landing pages not converting as you need them to? Here’s how to know if you should be getting more conversions.”

Finally, you’ll want to counteract this with pleasure.

Get Help with High Converting Landing Pages

Creating high converting landing pages is a learned craft. If you’ve implemented all of the aforementioned changes to your current landing page and still aren’t seeing the results you want, then it’s okay to ask for help.

A professional digital marketing and online web service company has the expertise you need to propel your landing pages to higher levels.

Need help? Browse our search engine marketing services and feel free to contact us to see what we can do for your company.