If you’re in business, then you’ve been trying to stand out above the competition since day one. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for decades, or you’re just getting started, the online competition is pretty steep, and it’s challenging to be seen by your ideal customers. However, there are a few elements that you can incorporate into your plan that will enhance your efforts and help you stand out.

Offer a specific solution to a consumer problem

Most small businesses are aware that they need to be a solution for their customer’s problems. However, if you still aren’t seeing any online buzz about your brand, then you need to narrow your focus and be more specific. Don’t just offer a general solution for a big problem, but really get creative by offering things like online tutorials, free ebooks, and podcasts that dig into a very specific subject.

Make sure your website is designed for your customers (not yourself)

You can have a fantastic small business site, but if it wasn’t designed with your clients in mind, then your time and money will have all spent in vain. Remember, you want to give people a reason to visit you online, and if they get no value out of your website, then they have no reason to come back.

Make sure if you have a brick and mortar building that you give people a chance to get directions and contact information online. You can also give them a chance to schedule appointments, check your company calendar for upcoming events, get coupons and discounts, and make payments.

Don’t just create a social media account – use it!

Since social media has become an effective marketing tool, many small business owners find themselves with one more thing to keep up with versus an effective place to reach their ideal customers. And one of the biggest mistakes people can make is creating a social media account just to let it fall flat over time.

If you want to stand out from the competition, then you have got to amp up your social media efforts and let them cultivate. Don’t pull out just because you haven’t seen results yet. Give your social media campaign time and make adjustments, collect data, and get engaged every chance you get. The more you find your ideal customers on social media, the better chance you have of getting them to visit your site.

Promote other people that will help your customers

Most businesses online are all about self-promotion (and we know that’s an important aspect of your marketing campaign). However, don’t just talk about yourself when you’re focusing attention on social media and your website. Go ahead and promote others that you think could benefit your ideal customers.

By sharing and giving a nod to other businesses and individuals that teach and improve your life, you’ll gain the trust and respect of those visiting you. And they’ll appreciate and listen to your advice, as well as find value in your opinion.


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