How would you like to get more business on demand? That’s what the power of search engines can give your business. When people are looking for a product, service, or information, they turn to search engines.

About 82% of mobile users look locally for services and products, usually in the form of a “near me” search. They’ll contact or visit listed stores first.

What does that mean for you and your business? Local SEO can get your business listed at the top of these results, bringing you more business.

Read on to learn local SEO tips to help you improve your business’s appearance in search results.

1. Have Accurate Directory Listings

When search engines give results to users, they take into account about 200 factors. One of those factors is the location of businesses relative to the user’s location.

How do search engines know that? You have to tell them where you’re located. Search engines take information in directory listings like Bing Places and Google My Business to determine these results.

You need to have these directory listings filled out and they have to be accurate. The name, address, and phone number have to be correct on your website and directory listings.

2. Optimize Page Titles and Descriptions

Your website needs to be optimized for many things, including speed and mobile-friendliness. You also have to optimize each page title and meta description for search engines.

These tags are HTML code that tells search engines what each page is about. That’s how the search engine knows when to show the page for a particular user’s search.

These tags and descriptions need to include the main keyword for each page.

3. Optimize for Each Location You Serve

Does your business have several locations throughout Nashville? It’s best to have a page for each location to optimize for local SEO.

For example, if you have a gym franchise with multiple locations, you’ll want to fill out directory listings for each location and have a web page devoted to each location.

4. Get Online Reviews

One of the best ways to improve local SEO is to get more online reviews. Search engines like Google want to give their users the best results possible. They know that if they serve up spammy websites or poor services, people won’t trust the results and will stop using the search engine.

One way to tell Google that you have a legitimate business that people love is to have a lot of positive reviews.

Ask your customers to leave reviews after they’ve purchased from you. You do have to tread carefully here because you want to stay within the rules of Google’s review policy.

Local SEO Tips for More Business

Local SEO is a great way to build awareness of your business, get leads, and customers. With local SEO, you can position your business to get in front of customers when they’re ready to buy.

These local SEO tips are geared towards getting you to start the journey to improve your position in search results.

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